Universal car floor mats for her – snow leopard

Do you want to surprise your woman with something special and unique? You want to give her something that is useful and will protect her car and keep it clean? Especially if she love animal patterns like Snow leopard pattern, she will definitely love that Universal car floor mats .

universal car floor mats for her - snow leopard printedIf you and your lady are just a little bit like me, you probably like to have clean and tidy car. Not only from the outside, but also interior must be clean and shiny. Driving around in clean car gives me a special feeling and I think you like this too. This universal car floor mats with animal print will give into your car something fresh and funny at the same time. Your girl will love it. Nice snow leopard pattern is something that is very eye catchy. But it’s not only gorgeous for eyes, it’s also very useful. This universal car floor mats will protect the floor of your car against spills, dirt, stains and any debris. You will get two front and two rear car floor mats, which fits to most vehicles. Great part is that the color will not fade by time. Short hear material is durable and soft to the touch. Nibber PVC on the bottom side of these car floor mats are great against sliding and shifting.
Dimension front: 17×27
Dimension back: 17×13

As I mentioned before this is also great as a gift. If you purchase something extra with these universal plush carpet car floor mats, they have FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

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