Mercedes Benz C-Class All Weather Rubber Floor Mat Sets

The Mercedes Benz C-Class All Weather Floor Mats are perfect for your Mercedes C-Class. They are custom designed Rubber Floor Mats and provide outstanding quality. As you would expect, they serve the purpose of keeping your carpet in top condition and preventing any stains or damage happening to the car’s internal flooring. The honeycomb design naturally helps to trap water, mud, snow and salt. By preventing the following four materials from entering the car’s surface, you are effectively preventing any serious damage that could result in the future. As part of your purchase, you are given four mats in total for the front and back of the car.

Currently this Mercedes C-Class Flor Mats Set come in three different colors, these are Black, Beige and Gray. Depending on your Mercedes C-Class’s interior design, it is up to you which color you choose to purchase. It’s important to pick the color that best matches your interior design and the leather work on your seats. While these mats are expensive, they do deliver high-quality durable and unique mats that will boast your car. A Mercedes C-Class car is a symbol status and shows your true personality and colors, so it’s important to show the world that your car is worth a buck or two inside too. Having a Mercedes isn’t just about appealing to people from the outside, but making the inside an equally enjoyable experience. Apart from the rigorous power under the bonnet, the inside is rather comfy and sleek, and these mats do a great job of boasting the Mercedes C-Class’s true colors.


These are official Mercedes C-Class Rubber Floor Mats and come approved from the car manufacturer. While other mat alternatives may be cheaper, the quality and durability is also much lower.


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