How to clean rubber car floor mats

If you want to protect the floor of your car, you must have rubber car floor mats in the car. But how to clean rubber car floor mats? Well let’s see how I clean them.

rubber cleanerFirst of all, I take each mats from the car and put them on clean concrete floor. If you don’t want to have on your rubber floor mats some sort of spots, don’t clean them on the sunny place.
Then pour the water on mats and apply cleaning agent. You can use soapy water or other cleaner intended for rubber cleaning surfaces.
Take a brush and brush it in all directions. If your rubber car floor mats have lines and deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, you must brush those places more than others. Those sculpted channels are made to trap water, mud and other dirt. But, when water evaporates, only dry mud, sand and other dirt stays in the spot. It stick to the surface of the rubber car floor mats and because of this it’s harder to clean especially in tiny corners where your big brush can reach the spot. So I suggest to use also a smaller brush, maybe your old toothbrush. It’s gentle and it won’t damage the surface and strong enough to remove the dirt.
When you brush it, you must rinse thoroughly with water and place them in a clean place to dry. Once again, don’t you put the rubber floor mats on the sun! Let them dry slowly.
Once they are dry, put them back in the place where belongs in your car.

For me is driving with clean car much more enjoyable and I think you think so either.
So, clean rubber car floor mats and other interior parts of your car regularly and they will look better and last much longer.
Now you know How to clean rubber car floor mats. You don’t have excuse any more. So get out, remove the mats out of your car and clean them until you are eager to clean.

Enjoy and have fun!

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