Which car floor mats is best for your car

Car floor mats are one of the most usable interior accessory. But somehow, people asking which car floor mats are best to choose for their vehicle. Regarding weather conditions you should thinking about how you can protect the floor of your car.

plush carpet floor mats for car redPlush carpet floor mats are usually interior accessory for car in luxury range. Of course, this doesn’t mean, that you can’t get it for your car. On the market you can get plush carpet floor mats for almost every type of car. Because of modern technology, these fits on the floor like a glove.

If you ask yourself, if you should use these through whole year, the answer is yes. As long you are comfortable using them in your car.

In my opinion, plush carpet car floor mats are not good during the winter. However, every car owner decide individually, which car floor mats will protect the floor of his vehicle.

rubber black car floor matsRubber car floor mats are best of all. Not only that they offer best protection for the floor of your steel horse. Their usability is awesome during whole year. Even if you live in the place where rain is not so common, there is always a day or two in year that catch you in the »storm«.

With your shoes you bring a lot of water inside and if you don’t use rubber car floor mats, this can be big issue.

If you don’t take care and dry it out, with time you can smell some kind of odor, which is usually hard to get rid of.

This is the main reason, why I use rubber floor mats in may car whole year.

Sure, plush carpet can be more eye catchy, but in my point of view, usability is more important than its look.

Remember. It’s up to you, which car floor mats you choose. All of them are great, different is in protection and durability.

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